Integrative Breathwork

Awareness of the breath is a foundation stone of many traditions. Both the Yogic and Taoist traditions have exercises which are based in breathing practices, and a regular practice of such exercises can lead to big improvements in well-being.

What happends?

Integrative Breathwork applies techniques from Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork. Breathing happens without a break in a connected fashion over an agreed lengh of time. My knowledge of body work and a subsequent dialogue with the client facilitate reflection and integration.


  • Through mindful breathing, it is possible to become more conscious of old patterns and their causes.
  • Breathing patterns, including restricted or excessively shallow breathing can become more noticeable, as well as the often hidden causes that lie behind such patterns.
  • The individual healing process is activated and trust in life´s natrual flow strengthened.
  • Self-ecceptence and acceptence in general can be experienced on a deeper level.